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Caribbean Wednesdays

Authentic Caribbean food every Wednesday’s

CIPA brings to you authentic Caribbean cuisine every Wednesdays. In an effort to support the organizational activities and carry out noble functions, CIPA offers delightful Caribbean takeaways that are sure to tickle every taste bud. From Jerk Chicken to Special Fish tilapia, every item is traditionally cooked to give you a burst of Caribbean flavors at budget friendly prices.

Our Delectable Menu


Jerk Chicken


Spicy chicken that is marinated and smoked with special with special seasonings served with rice and peas and cabbage.



Brown Stewed Chicken


Chicken that is fried then stewed in a tomato based sauce served with rice and peas and cabbage


Curried Chicken


Dark meat chicken marinated in special curry sauce with potatoes served with rice and peas and cabbage


Fish, Rice & Veggies

Tilapia (Baked)


Fish that is baked and then stewed in a tomato based sauce with onions, green peppers and tomatoes served with rice and peas, cabbage and plantains


Curried Vegetables


Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), eggplant, stewed tomatoes, black eyed peas curried in special seasonings


Extra Rice


Order a plate of extra rice to go with your entree!


Make your Wednesdays Caribbean style

To place an order fill in your details in the form. Please note the orders have to be placed by Tuesdays 5pm.

Pick up is Wednesdays, noon – 12:30 pm.by Randolph Conference room (First Floor)

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