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About CIPA

Caribbean Intellectual Property Association

About CIPA

USPTO CIPA is an organization that has been around since 2010, our goal is to make a positive difference in the development of the members of the USPTO community through support activities in achieving their highest potential; we also support the Caribbean community to better understand intellectual property opportunities and the economic impact it could have in a society.

USPTO CIPA mission and Vision

  • Support and promote diversity goals of the USPTO
  • Promote Intellectual property and its importance to the Caribbean community and countries
  • Enhance the career and professional development of our member
  • Ensure the success and professional growth by fostering an environment that promotes mentorship and networking within the USPTO
  • Inform the USPTO employees about the broad and diverse cultural and social heritage of the Caribbean American Community and encourage the celebration of that heritage
  • Work strategically with other Caribbean organizations outside the USPTO to develop a sound appreciation of the various educational, professional and social opportunities that exist in the field of intellectual property

CIPA Members

Hezron Williams

Marc Armand

Shauna-Kay Hall

Pierre Vital

Tony Belcher

Dolores Collins

Chris Daley

Marie Georges Henry

Shelly Chase